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with Karen Daw

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Dental and medical professionals know that they must sit through OSHA and Infection Control training annually. However, it’s common to dread these courses because they tend to be a snooze fest.

Wouldn’t it be great if your regulatory compliance training could be fun, funny AND informative?

In her high energy presentations, Karen Daw, MBA, CECM, "The OSHA Lady™" infuses hands-on activities, exercises, fun stories and both dental and medical specific examples from her 20+ years’ experience as a speaker, consultant, and authorized OSHA trainer. From the 2-person practice to 1,000-person audiences, Karen helps healthcare professionals enhance their safety and compliance systems.


Overwhelmed by rules and regulations? Unsure of what is required by OSHA and the CDC? Wish you knew where to begin?

Karen Daw's consulting programs are enjoyable, insightful, and make a dramatic impact on employee and patient safety.


Karen Daw, dental speaker and consultant on OSHA


Karen K. Daw, MBA, CECM

Karen offers regulatory compliance solutions for healthcare practices. She is committed to helping people rethink compliance, not as a mandatory activity but as a culture of safety.

As a result of her work, healthcare professionals are able to more confidently meet regulatory standards, implement leaner processes, and create a safer work environment while actually decreasing costs.

Meet Karen
Karen Daw - Dentistry's Next Top Speaker 2019 at Jumpstart Conference